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I hope your 4th of July was as awesome as mine!!

I wish I had time to make a decent journal entry about it, but I have too much shit to do and I should be sleeping right now.

All I can say right now is...

My best friend and her family are THE BEST.

Chugging one pint of Smirnoff in less than 15 minutes is fun.  I even beat Stacy's chugging... GO ME!

Being a VIP at a 4th of July concert at Metropolitan park in Jacksonville is AWESOME.  Best seats in front of the stage and behind the stage... and a bunch of perks.

Pat Benatar rocks in concert.  Richard Marx is... umm.. dull.

Stacy's dad is hilarious when drunk.

I LOVE fireworks that are right in your face.

And wooo, I'm still recovering.
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Ronda doesn't like...

Being hungover.  I want to detach parts of my head from my body right now.  That would totally be convenient.  Freakin' awesome night though.  Twaz Stacy's birthday and I met a bunch of her friends that I've never met before at a billiards place.  They rocked.  I like fun people.

Yeah, so, I've been MIA online lately.  Been busy.  By the time I have a little time to go online, I'm too tired.  Fun time on the weekends is spent with my awesome friends.  Online fun is on the back burner. 

Special message to the anonymous person reading my stuff.... YOUUUUUUUUU.... SUCK!  No fun.  Dude, you are spying on me and I can't even spy who you are.  Tease!  Hahaha!  Seriously though, why would anyone feel the need to be anonymous on my journal?  What am I gonna do, lick your face?  I'm... me, LOL.

Oh well, I'm going to sleep.


Bad move, Letterman.

I was just sitting here at my desk, winding down with my tub of Haagen Dazs (Baileys Irish Cream flavored, mmmm), and I read David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin... for a JOKE.   Palin and her "Conservative" buddies made a huge fuss over it about a week ago.  Yeah, fuss over a stupid joke.  It was a joke about her daughter getting knocked up at some event.  You'd get the joke knowing that Palin had a pregnant underage and unmarried daughter during the campaign last year.  Letterman responded to the controversy last weekend and made a good joke of that, but he also made it clear what his intentions were.  The man is harmless.  That I actually found his response really funny.  But now he has actually made the mistake of apologizing to Palin.  So much for comedy and what real intentions are worth.

Too bad that perception is reality in media and politician land.  Forget about true reality.

I'm about the keel over.  I haven't been sleeping well.  I don't feel so well either.  I woke up feeling a little ill.  I figured some laboring would pick me back up, so I started carpet removal.  Mom is putting new flooring down soon in most of the house.  All of the carpet has to go.  I got up the carpet, the paddings, the quarter round, the wood strips that were nailed down... all of that crap... out of the hallway.  I tore up most of the carpet and padding in my room.  Also took the trash out, cleaned the cats littebox, did the dishes, etc.  After my shower at 2AM, my body checked out.  I hope I feel better tomorrow.  Please, let me have one night of good sleep.  With no nightmares.  Had another one last night. 
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Kinda screwed up

It's messed up that other people get Google Alerts with links to my journal, but I don't get them for my own journal!  Apparently, nearly every time I mention Shepard Smith, my journal shows up in Google Alerts for him.  If it wasn't for friends telling me this... I wouldn't have EVER known even though I get Google Alerts for him also.  WTF??  I just don't understand what the deal is.
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Beautiful sunny day

Sunday was summer material!  No damn rain for a change!  Stacy woke my lazy ass up sometime in the afternoon by calling me.  I have excuses for sleeping so late!  Between former sleep issues coming back and nightmares, it hasn't been easy.  I'm getting really tired of the nightmares... they are all job and family related, SIGH.  So Stacy told me to get out of bed and come over for a swim in their awesome above ground pool.  Float around a pool?  I'm game, LOL. No need to shower or anything.  I rolled out of bed half asleep, put on a tank top and shorts to swim in (I need to buy a swimsuit when I have money to), grabbed extras clothes to put on when dried, and Stacy was over before I knew.  She spent forever chatting with my mom.

I love Stacy's family (How many times have I said this?)  We spent forever swimming with their 2 dogs (huge compared to my little chihuahua, LOL).  We goofed off as usual.  If Stacy reads this...Chika-Chika-Boom!!  Sorry, inside joke.  Gah, I love water so much.  I wish I had a pool.  Got a lot of exercise too.  May have a mild sun burn.  I can somewhat feel a bit of heat on my skin now.  My poor skin.  I'm as white as white comes. 

We came in after forever and I chatted with her mom for a while about animal rights and animal abusers.  We all LOVE animals, but we agree PETA is nuts.  Think it started from talking about my cat.  He was abused by previous owners, so he has mental issues.  Her mom was cooking at the time.  let me tell you... her family makes these epic meals.  Her dad was out cooking on teh grill.  They made burgers and hotdogs with all sorts of sides.  Stacy tortured me with High School Musical for a little bit.  Until the food was ready.  We stuffed ourselves while watching a movie in their wicked living room.  They have a SWEET, huge HD TV in there.  She put WALL-E on.  I hadn't seen it before.  It SO cute!  I love WALL-E! 

It was about 10PM by the time that ended and here I am at home.  I'm happy.  I love weekends so much these days.  I wasn't feeling so great throughout the week.  I needed the little pick up.

I had a great Saturday too.  I went with my mom to help her shop for a few things.  She'll be installing wood floors soon and I needed something to cut wood up for the new BBQ she bought.  I looked at three freakin' places for the Rolling Stone magazine with Adam Lambert and it was nowhere to be found.  Booo!  Then we went to ABC Liquer to pick up supplies for my first attempt at mixing drinks up.  I invited Stacy over and I made frozen strawberry margaritas for her, my mom, and myself.  They were AWESOME!  I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but I ended up doing good.  I made enough for all of to have 2 drinks each.  I was fine, until I felt like more and got a shot of Triple Sec, LOL.  I wasn't on the floor or anything, but I couldn't talk.  When I've drank a bit, I start to use the wrong words... or talk in dyslexic speech.  I sound like an idiot.  I don't remember what I tried to tell my mom about, but I think she got the gist of it.  Anywho, we all didn't last for long.  We all got really tired by midnight.

I'm hoping to have a BBQ and mix drinks up for my two best friends, Stacy and Amanda soon.  We are itching to all get together again soon.  last time was our trip to St. Augustine for the day.

Oh, my mom wants to have a big yard sale soon asking people we know to bring stuff over and join.  Shoot me.

Oh and something else, the Adam Lambert interview on 20/20 on Friday rocked!!  He has a good sense of humor :)  If you haven't seen it, the clip is probably up on YouTube somewhere.  Glenn Beck was also on the show and that was interesting.  I have a love and hate thing for him.
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Fuck. Adam Lambert, you just became an even BIGGER tease.

From the new Rolling Stone cover article:

Adam leans in.  "Lately, you know, there's part of me that's almost bi-curious the other way around.  I've made out a few times with girls at nightclubs when I had way too many drinks.  I don't know if it would ever happen, but I'm kind of interested.  I don't think I would do it with a groupie, though." He cocks his head.  "Then again, maybe I'd rather it was with a stranger than someone I knew."

Yeah, that one nearly had me falling out of my chair.  Somehow, I think that was the kind of response he's looking for.  Naughty boy.  You're killing me, man.  The things I want to do to you.  I may still be a virgin at 25 (sigh), but I gotta start somewhere.  I've done a lot of research on sex and sexuality, at least!  LMAO!  What else am I going to do?  I obsess over sex and don't get any...

Anywho, I have to say I loved the article.  And I admire Adam all the more.  He's so open in that article.  I try to be that way.  I certainly am around my friends.  TMI TMI, LOL.  Adam sounds like such an open-minded, non-conforming, kind, naughty, playful individual.  Aside from his looks, he's such a beautiful person, period.  Someone I imagine I could be friends with.  And he's so interesting!  I love unfiltered Adam!

The part about him being scared about his sexuality when he was younger and when he came out to his mother, made me cry.  I'm just floored.  He's the kind of person the media needs more of.  Truly free.  Truly his whole self.  Nothing to hide.  There's even a picture of him with his boyfriend.  SO cute!  I feel like I have gay idol to admire for the first time.  Yeah, I'm not gay, I'm bi, but I like his whole attitude about it.  I totally believe in the same things he said in the article.  I don't mind at all that he doesn't want to be a civil rights leader.  Being himself openly for all to see will do more good than a lot of those gay activists out there, IMO.  I talk about my sexuality freely and tell people how I feel about marriage equailty and everything else, but I don't think I'll be marching in the streets holding up a sign and making that my whole life.  I love that Adam is proud of his sexuality and sees it as a PART of him.  The way he talks about himself makes me feel warm and hopeful.  Thank you, Adam!

I hope he becomes a huge star and remains grounded.  He's so talented and positive.  His killer voice, his creativity, the way he puts on a show.... so many things, he's just brilliant.  I think he deserves to rise to the top. 

I can't wait for his album!

Gah, I sound too much like a drooling fan girl, don't I?  *eye roll at self*


A little sample

Gah, still not asleep... I know. Just dancing and singing in my seat to The Beatles. I'm sure that creates a great visual for you.

Remember I mentioned that photoshoot my best friend Stacy and I had at her house. I shall share a small sample. We took hundreds. I know some people who have known me are probably like, "Whoa, all of these pictures... of someone that used to hate herself!" Well, I got over myself, LOL. I just don't feel as ugly all the time. Turned the negativity into some positive. I'm sure I couldn't have done it without all of the encouragment I've gotten from friends about my looks.

Here are several photos. Scroll through. Click to enlarge.
Credit goes to Stacy for taking awesome photos. I took a bunch of her too, but those are hers to share with peeps.

Aren't we too cute? Hehe.

Strawberry blonde flavored hair? Not really.

Peace out, homey.

Me rockin' the black nail polish with inspiration from Adam Lambert. Hahaha... seriously. Thanks to Stacy's sister with the nail polish.

Hawaiian Princess Leia. Does the hula dance with light sabers, don't cha know?

Please please, come closer.... too close! A little too close! There. (Yes, i did just quote Disney's Aladdin)

Friends forever. True friends never really leave your heart.

Sanity never really has been our thing.

I'm wearing Stacy's clothes. She had me in skirts and dresses the whole time :o Have I ever mentioned that corsets are on of the hottest pieces of clothing on this planet??

Isn't the way it fades to black cool?


Okay, seriously going to sleep now.
Shep color explosion

I'll love you long time, Shepard Smith.

This will sound cheesy and geeky, but I'm actually very thankful that someone like Shepard Smith was born, became interested in journalism, and got hired by FOX News.  He's really the only news peep I deem worth my allotted TV News viewing time these days.  I do catch bits of others too.  Wednesday was a fabulous example of why I'm still a fan, going on 5 years now.  Dude had the balls to go against a lot of FOX News viewers and put them in their place for their hate and freaky-ness.  He also had the balls to defend the DHS reports that the right wing made a huge fuss over, blowing it all out of proportion, like it was some attack on every right winger and veteran.  Even back when that first came out, Shep was reasonable about it, while the rest of the channel appeared to me to be freaking out and feeding the paranoia.

Here are three videos for you to check out from his show Studio B on Wednesday.

I have to say that I've met a lot of FOX News viewers on message boards and a few in person that sound just like that nutty e-mailer of his.  I would love to find a FOX News fan board that isn't flooded by right wing creeps... or left wing trolls, for that matter (but that usually isn't the issue so much, from what I've noticed).  Basically, they (in general as a group) think in black and white.  If you don't agree with them on something, they call you a troll, a Liberal (intended as insult from them), among other things, like they also call me a sinner, immoral, homo, freak, baby killer, etc.  There has been nastier stuff but I can't remember the specific names I've been called.  Fun stuff.  I don't take it personally.  It makes me laugh, to be honest, because it's so off base.  I reside in grey, not black and white.  They are so biased they don't recognize their own shit stinks, especially when they are hypocritical... which is prevalent.  You know, left is always wrong, right is always correct.  Barf-tacular.

I have to also say that there are quite a few awesome people on these boards too that I've become friends with on social networking sites.  I can't stay on these boards for too long.  I don't visit every day.  Even I get tired of talking about gays, abortion, and Obama.  I swear to you those people obsess over gays more than gays do.  It's funny!

I had to check them out today for some chill time.

Alright, off to bed soon.  First gotta watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report.  Wasn't the first day of Colbert in Iraq the most awesome episode of Colbert EVER?!?!  Couldn't have been better!!


Adam Lambert IS on the next cover of Rolling Stone!!

AHHHH!!!  It comes out tomorrow and I can't freakin' what to get a hold of a copy.  How HOT is that cover?!?! 
Check out the preview of the interview [clickie here].  The most interest from the media is him "admitting" he's gay.  Like it is a surprise, LOL.  I hope his female fans who were stuck on him swinging towards women won't drop their fandom because he swings only towards other men.

Speaking of Adam fandom, my friend Nancy and I have been e-mailing to gush and drool over Adam.  She actually watched American Idol and cheered for him through the season, unlike moron me.  In an e-mail she mentioned the appeal of sitting on that pretty face of his and led to this hilarious thing she wrote about Revlon mascara!  Here's the meat of it...

Me:  Only thing about sitting on his pretty face is you can't see his pretty face and might smear his makeup!!  Hahaha!

Nancy:  Hmmm, I see your point and that would be a problem, were if not for Revlon's New Lash Fantasy Waterproof Mascara.  This predicament prompted me to re-write my latest lines, tell me what you think of my revised version:
Revlon's new Lash Fantasy with thickening color gives massive volume and dramatic fullness to your lashes.  It lifts and adds length, giving you longer, thicker, ravishing lashes. This remarkable mascara lengthens and intensifies each lash without clumping for ultimate definition. And, thanks to Revlon's remarkable waterproof formula, you can sit on Adam Lambert's face and drip all over it without causing his lashes to run or smear.  The unique Revlon Everylash molded brush has patented bristles that comb through each lash for precise separation. When ordinary lashes just won't do, get 5 times the impact with Lash Fantasy.  Build the lashes you've always dreamed of.  When Ronda and Nancy are coming to visit and your face will get wet, try New Revlon's new Lash Fantasy Waterproof mascara.

If you don't find that funny, you can't be my friend ;p

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I'm sleeping in someone else's bed tonight

Get your mind out of the gutter, LOL.  I've been hanging out with my best friend Stacy since Friday afternoon and I'm sleeping over.  She's already knocked out next to me. 

We stayed at my house for a while.  I used to hate having friends over, because I couldn't speak freely around my mom... nervous at what she might overhear, because I speak freely with my friends, TMI and all.  But now that my "secret" is out, I don't really care what my mom hears.  Such a liberating feeling!!  Seriously.

Anywho, then we went to Stacy's house.  We goofed around and had a photo shoot.  She got me in a dress... a couple actually.  I think the last time I wore a skirt or dress was age 7ish).  Full on make up.  Naughty expressions.  This woman can get me to do so many things.  Several weeks ago she had me at a pub drinking and dancing... with a Navy guy even (who I later found out was bi too, go figure... I could have been the meat in a man sandwich, damn!  I'm kidding...).  Dudes bought my drinks.  That was a first.  That was so much fun.  I've had a lot of firsts this year.  I've learned that saying "yes" to things makes life more fun and interesting.  It helps that I feel totally comfortable around Stacy.  That's a rare feeling generally for me.  I love her family too.  They all know the "secret" too.  I'm told they had suspicions.  Like my mom.  Like everyone who has ever met me, apparently.  I seem to be transparent without knowing.  It used to be a shocker when someone said, "Yeah, I kinda figured."  Now, I'm saying, "Oh... you too, huh?  I'll add you to the list!"

Anyway, I guess I should sleep before I wake this chick up and she wants to kill me ;p