RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

WTF, Glenn Beck? WTF?

WTF?  Seriously, WTF? 

Um, Mr. Beck.... I think you're also missing a "C".  With or without a "C" and "Y" that was cheap and pretty much meaningless.  I'm seriously almost embarrassed to say I was ever a fan.

What the hell has happened to Glenn Beck??

I think my Glenn Beck fandom has jumped off a cliff

It's been staggering its way to the edge for a while now, because he's been getting worse and worse.  I'm actually hoping he really isn't losing his mind... but I've been starting to wonder and kinda worry about his sanity.  Is it ANY wonder why he is losing his sponsors by the boatload?

He seems to have lost it or sold out to the crazy Obama haters and conspiracy obsessed people.  Sure, he didn't like Bush towards the end.  I felt the same.  I'm open minded to "conspiracy theories".  Yeah, I'm not fan of Obama either.  But the racist comments went too far and they were contradictory.  And what is this crap about America having the best healthcare?  Um, I remember watching him before and saying it sucked.   I saw that clip on The Daily Show again the other day and I was like, "Hey!!  I remember this!!"  It's kind of pathetic that it took a comedy show to catch Beck's contradictions. 

There's one thing I'd like to know.  I wish I understood his intentions.  I used to believe him when he said he was talking from the heart and being real about what's going on around us.  I don't know if he's so biased that he can no longer see past all of the BS or he's intentionally steering his show, because he has gained fans and a following by going extreme.  Either way, he let me down.

It's kinda sad.  I had high hopes for Glenn Beck and what he could do at FOX News Channel.  I used to watch him on CNN Headline News and I thought it was a bummer that he was on this channel where he wasn't getting as much attention as he would at FNC.  I'm a FOX News Channel fan.  I was very excited for the move.  Lately, I find myself less and less able to watch him.

And another thing.  I really hope that people don't judge libertarianism by him.  He's acting crazy now like so many people think libertarianism is.  Really crazy, not just open-minded like how I used to see him.  Hopefully, he'll just instigate damage of the two major parties that deserve a kick in their lying, manipulative, hateful, hypocritical nuts.  Well, I hope people see him more as a Conservative, than a Libertarian.

Can't say I didn't see this coming.  I've been getting this bad feeling about his show for a while.  I'll probably still watch bits of it, because he's not all bad.  It's not like everything I admired is gone... I hope.  And hey, I'd be lying if certain aspects of his insane behavior weren't indeed entertaining in a twisted way.  Maybe I'm just an idiot for giving some comedian/commentator any of my hope and trust in the first place though. 

There doesn't seem to be much news and news-related sources to trust out there.  I trust Shepard Smith the most.  Even Shep has had his moments that have made me question his integrity, but no one is perfect.  I have no problem with a newsman sharing an opinion if he can also state the facts without bias, so the viewer can come on with their own opinions also.  That's what Shep seems to do most of the time, from what I can tell.  Aside from him, I check out other news sources here and there.  I wish there more unbiased news sources worthy of trusting with factual information, and less of these commentators like Glenn Beck.  Everything is right or left.  I can't even watch much of FNC anymore.

So that's off my chest. 

Next entry, I'm going to talk about Captain Jack Harkness <3 <3 <3, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Robbie freakin' Williams' comeback!!!...  awesome, less-meaningful-than-news-and-politics entertainment.

PS.  Check out the comments on that YouTube video page.  H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.  Especially the one about the "C" must have been for commercials comment.

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