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Pure Love digital painting

I needed something to get me back in the swing painting, so I went looking for contests on deviantART and I found one about "girl love".  The contest's goal was to collect art depicting love between women that wasn't sleazy or just to get the attention of horny men (or horny women like me, LOL).  I didn't finish in time for the contest, but it's no big deal.  It was more of a piece for me anyway.  It's my first same-sex love art published in public (on the internet in this case) for all to see.  I have drawn same-sex love pictures before, as far back as high school, but I'm the only who has seen those.  I call this new piece my sort of a... liberation piece.  Because now I'm 100% out as bisexual and I feel comfortable enough to put artwork like this out for all to see :)

Pure Love

Close up of part of it...

Made using Photoshop and my Wacom tablet.

Tags: artwork, sexuality

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