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I want my Mac :( But hello, Orlando! And sleepovers rock.

I haven't been able to use my Mac since Saturday.  You see, I have an awesome PowerBook, but certain parts are getting old now.  It's over three years old now.  I've been expecting certain things to kick the bucket.  I've already replaced the battery.  I replaced the extra GIG of RAM that went wacko on me and totally messed up my computer shortly after I got it.  You know, RAM makes it faster... doesn't add space.  I got a 500 GIG external hard drive to add space. 

Well, anyway.  I was all giddy Saturday evening, because I found out that my brother had an s-video cable.  I was like, "Oh my god, I so need to hook my computer up to the TV and play around seeing my graphics all huge".  I invited my mom to come over and watch a clip I had on my computer through the TV.  Holy shizzle, this is so cool, yadda yadda.  Battery was getting low, so I ran to get my power adapter.  I plugged it into the laptop, plugged it into the surge protector and... crackle, pop, sizzle, spark, spark, spark goes my power adapter.  I quickly unplug it.  I have a freak out fest.  FUCK!  FUCK!  GOD DAMMIT!  I'M FUCKED!  I'M SO FUCKED!  Run to grab electrical tape.  SHIT!  SHIT!  I'M FUCKED!  Tape that bitch right up.  Cross my fingers while plugging it back in... and I get nothing.  The sparking was the wire burned through far too much to be taped up.  By now my laptop is down to 2% battery power left, so I frantically quit all of the applications and shut it down for a long sleep.

I spent two days looking for a power adapter before I found a good cheap one.  Used of course.  It's on its way from Cali.  Hopefully, it won't take too long.  I can't afford anything right now, but without my computer... I have nothing I can work on that has the applications I need for my designing.  So I have another $23 added to my debt.  Sigh.

I do have some fun to look forward to as long as everything goes as planned.  I'm supposed to be going to O-Town (Orlando, Florida) on Friday and staying overnight in a hotel.  Yay!  My best friend is taking her younger sister to a concert.  Their mother didn't feel like going, so they asked me to go.  Stacy has looked up what free fun we can have there, since we are both broke.  I haven't been to O-Town since '02.  I may be moving there if I find a job there.  My other best friend wants to move there and we have mutual college friends already living there.  Almost like old times!  Those three people were the ones I had the best semester with.  I did live in O-Town for a short time too, but that was about 15 years ago.  I can't wait to see Orlando again and spend time with my friend... not that we don't see each other every week, LOL.  Often multiple times a week.  It's good to have close friends close by.  Makes me a much happier person. 

Oh, speaking of friends.  I never got to journal about staying with my other awesome best friend.  That was fun.  It was the first time I've met her family, which is really big.  First, we hanged out with her friend Megan.  Drank some of Megan's Barcardi with Sprite.  Yeah, I like the Megan, LOL.  We ended up watching a movie.  Or more like talking over a movie.  She eventually had to leave because she had to get up earlier.  I met my best friend's family.  My friend invited me to sleepover.  We snacked on cereal and talked to the siblings.  Then we watched Zoolander.  That was funnier than I expected.  And of course we talked for ages before we actually went to sleep.  Next day, her family invited me out with them to a hot wings restaurant, where I had this amazing chicken sandwich.  And then we watched another movie called Waiting.  I want that movie.  That was so funny!  I definitely didn't want to, but eventually, I had to go home.  I really do have the best friends ever.
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