RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

Bad move, Letterman.

I was just sitting here at my desk, winding down with my tub of Haagen Dazs (Baileys Irish Cream flavored, mmmm), and I read David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin... for a JOKE.   Palin and her "Conservative" buddies made a huge fuss over it about a week ago.  Yeah, fuss over a stupid joke.  It was a joke about her daughter getting knocked up at some event.  You'd get the joke knowing that Palin had a pregnant underage and unmarried daughter during the campaign last year.  Letterman responded to the controversy last weekend and made a good joke of that, but he also made it clear what his intentions were.  The man is harmless.  That I actually found his response really funny.  But now he has actually made the mistake of apologizing to Palin.  So much for comedy and what real intentions are worth.

Too bad that perception is reality in media and politician land.  Forget about true reality.

I'm about the keel over.  I haven't been sleeping well.  I don't feel so well either.  I woke up feeling a little ill.  I figured some laboring would pick me back up, so I started carpet removal.  Mom is putting new flooring down soon in most of the house.  All of the carpet has to go.  I got up the carpet, the paddings, the quarter round, the wood strips that were nailed down... all of that crap... out of the hallway.  I tore up most of the carpet and padding in my room.  Also took the trash out, cleaned the cats littebox, did the dishes, etc.  After my shower at 2AM, my body checked out.  I hope I feel better tomorrow.  Please, let me have one night of good sleep.  With no nightmares.  Had another one last night. 
Tags: politics, random shit

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