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Beautiful sunny day

Sunday was summer material!  No damn rain for a change!  Stacy woke my lazy ass up sometime in the afternoon by calling me.  I have excuses for sleeping so late!  Between former sleep issues coming back and nightmares, it hasn't been easy.  I'm getting really tired of the nightmares... they are all job and family related, SIGH.  So Stacy told me to get out of bed and come over for a swim in their awesome above ground pool.  Float around a pool?  I'm game, LOL. No need to shower or anything.  I rolled out of bed half asleep, put on a tank top and shorts to swim in (I need to buy a swimsuit when I have money to), grabbed extras clothes to put on when dried, and Stacy was over before I knew.  She spent forever chatting with my mom.

I love Stacy's family (How many times have I said this?)  We spent forever swimming with their 2 dogs (huge compared to my little chihuahua, LOL).  We goofed off as usual.  If Stacy reads this...Chika-Chika-Boom!!  Sorry, inside joke.  Gah, I love water so much.  I wish I had a pool.  Got a lot of exercise too.  May have a mild sun burn.  I can somewhat feel a bit of heat on my skin now.  My poor skin.  I'm as white as white comes. 

We came in after forever and I chatted with her mom for a while about animal rights and animal abusers.  We all LOVE animals, but we agree PETA is nuts.  Think it started from talking about my cat.  He was abused by previous owners, so he has mental issues.  Her mom was cooking at the time.  let me tell you... her family makes these epic meals.  Her dad was out cooking on teh grill.  They made burgers and hotdogs with all sorts of sides.  Stacy tortured me with High School Musical for a little bit.  Until the food was ready.  We stuffed ourselves while watching a movie in their wicked living room.  They have a SWEET, huge HD TV in there.  She put WALL-E on.  I hadn't seen it before.  It SO cute!  I love WALL-E! 

It was about 10PM by the time that ended and here I am at home.  I'm happy.  I love weekends so much these days.  I wasn't feeling so great throughout the week.  I needed the little pick up.

I had a great Saturday too.  I went with my mom to help her shop for a few things.  She'll be installing wood floors soon and I needed something to cut wood up for the new BBQ she bought.  I looked at three freakin' places for the Rolling Stone magazine with Adam Lambert and it was nowhere to be found.  Booo!  Then we went to ABC Liquer to pick up supplies for my first attempt at mixing drinks up.  I invited Stacy over and I made frozen strawberry margaritas for her, my mom, and myself.  They were AWESOME!  I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but I ended up doing good.  I made enough for all of to have 2 drinks each.  I was fine, until I felt like more and got a shot of Triple Sec, LOL.  I wasn't on the floor or anything, but I couldn't talk.  When I've drank a bit, I start to use the wrong words... or talk in dyslexic speech.  I sound like an idiot.  I don't remember what I tried to tell my mom about, but I think she got the gist of it.  Anywho, we all didn't last for long.  We all got really tired by midnight.

I'm hoping to have a BBQ and mix drinks up for my two best friends, Stacy and Amanda soon.  We are itching to all get together again soon.  last time was our trip to St. Augustine for the day.

Oh, my mom wants to have a big yard sale soon asking people we know to bring stuff over and join.  Shoot me.

Oh and something else, the Adam Lambert interview on 20/20 on Friday rocked!!  He has a good sense of humor :)  If you haven't seen it, the clip is probably up on YouTube somewhere.  Glenn Beck was also on the show and that was interesting.  I have a love and hate thing for him.
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