RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

A little sample

Gah, still not asleep... I know. Just dancing and singing in my seat to The Beatles. I'm sure that creates a great visual for you.

Remember I mentioned that photoshoot my best friend Stacy and I had at her house. I shall share a small sample. We took hundreds. I know some people who have known me are probably like, "Whoa, all of these pictures... of someone that used to hate herself!" Well, I got over myself, LOL. I just don't feel as ugly all the time. Turned the negativity into some positive. I'm sure I couldn't have done it without all of the encouragment I've gotten from friends about my looks.

Here are several photos. Scroll through. Click to enlarge.
Credit goes to Stacy for taking awesome photos. I took a bunch of her too, but those are hers to share with peeps.

Aren't we too cute? Hehe.

Strawberry blonde flavored hair? Not really.

Peace out, homey.

Me rockin' the black nail polish with inspiration from Adam Lambert. Hahaha... seriously. Thanks to Stacy's sister with the nail polish.

Hawaiian Princess Leia. Does the hula dance with light sabers, don't cha know?

Please please, come closer.... too close! A little too close! There. (Yes, i did just quote Disney's Aladdin)

Friends forever. True friends never really leave your heart.

Sanity never really has been our thing.

I'm wearing Stacy's clothes. She had me in skirts and dresses the whole time :o Have I ever mentioned that corsets are on of the hottest pieces of clothing on this planet??

Isn't the way it fades to black cool?


Okay, seriously going to sleep now.
Tags: friends, fun, photography

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