RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

Adam Lambert IS on the next cover of Rolling Stone!!

AHHHH!!!  It comes out tomorrow and I can't freakin' what to get a hold of a copy.  How HOT is that cover?!?! 
Check out the preview of the interview [clickie here].  The most interest from the media is him "admitting" he's gay.  Like it is a surprise, LOL.  I hope his female fans who were stuck on him swinging towards women won't drop their fandom because he swings only towards other men.

Speaking of Adam fandom, my friend Nancy and I have been e-mailing to gush and drool over Adam.  She actually watched American Idol and cheered for him through the season, unlike moron me.  In an e-mail she mentioned the appeal of sitting on that pretty face of his and led to this hilarious thing she wrote about Revlon mascara!  Here's the meat of it...

Me:  Only thing about sitting on his pretty face is you can't see his pretty face and might smear his makeup!!  Hahaha!

Nancy:  Hmmm, I see your point and that would be a problem, were if not for Revlon's New Lash Fantasy Waterproof Mascara.  This predicament prompted me to re-write my latest lines, tell me what you think of my revised version:
Revlon's new Lash Fantasy with thickening color gives massive volume and dramatic fullness to your lashes.  It lifts and adds length, giving you longer, thicker, ravishing lashes. This remarkable mascara lengthens and intensifies each lash without clumping for ultimate definition. And, thanks to Revlon's remarkable waterproof formula, you can sit on Adam Lambert's face and drip all over it without causing his lashes to run or smear.  The unique Revlon Everylash molded brush has patented bristles that comb through each lash for precise separation. When ordinary lashes just won't do, get 5 times the impact with Lash Fantasy.  Build the lashes you've always dreamed of.  When Ronda and Nancy are coming to visit and your face will get wet, try New Revlon's new Lash Fantasy Waterproof mascara.

If you don't find that funny, you can't be my friend ;p

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