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I'm so far behind on movies.  Had no time or money for them.  I just finished watching The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008).  Oh, yes, freakin' awesome!  I love the 1951 film, so hearing of this movie a while back had me all giddy. 

Next on the list to be seen...

Knowing -  Freakin' love end of the world type movies.  Like the movie I just watched.

Angels & Demons - I finally saw The Da Vinci Code not that long ago and enjoyed that.  Art history, religion, conspiracy... all in one movie, yeah, right up my alley.  This sequel about the Illuminati sounds even better.  Fascinating subject, IMO.  Can't wait!  Not to mention, Ewan McGregor is in this one!!  Playing a Camerlengo, no less, ha!  Plus this stuff gets some religious people's knickers in a twist, fun fun all around.

I Love You Phillip Morris - This movie looks like it's so good.  Funny, romantic, and different.  I've been waiting, for what seems like, ages for it to get a U.S. distribution deal.  Want to know why it hasn't got one?  Because Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey play a gay couple.  Yay, sometimes you just have to look at America and be sad.  European countries and others have no problem with it.  You can't really blame the distributers.  They want to make the largest profit possible and they damn well know that a movie about gay love with gay sex isn't going to sell well in the U.S.  I want to see it so badly.  Besides, Ewan making out with and having gay sex with other men... totally hot.  Velvet Goldmine, anyone?  Awesome movie.  He played a bisexual rock star in that movie.  That movie is so weird... I love it.  Anyway, I hope to see this new movie sometime this decade.  What's cooler is it's based on a true story.  Here's an article about the movie... "McGregor gay film too risque for cinema".

2012 - A movie named that right now HAS to be an awesome end of the world movie.  I've seen the preview and it is fre-a-ky.  Suh-weeet.

Wow, I need to get to bed.

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