RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

I'm graduating this morning at 9am!!!

AHHHH!!!  I can't believe it.  It's finally here.  Rehearsal was yesterday at Flagler College and it all felt so strange that this is finally happening for me.  All of that hard work is getting me a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design!!  Cum Laude, baby.

BTW, the portfolio show Thursday was the best portfolio show ever. 

I'll have to elaborate when I have more time.  Been crazy busy!  There are a lot of people to give thanks to for being a part of my life and helping me to grow into the person I am now.  I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm sitting there at the graduation ceremony... especially those of you who are the reason I'm still around to enjoy this part of my life :)
Tags: family, flagler college, friends, fun, milestones

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