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A fabulous weekend of color and then there's Comcast

I went out Saturday to the mall and bought hair coloring and bleaching supplies.  Then came home and put the "natural black" coloring in leaving a front strip my natural brown.  That was more difficult than I thought it would be.  I've never dyed my hair myself before.  This is what I looked like Saturday night...

Sunday I had to get up early and get ready, because I went with my mom to Avondale to a gallery across the river.  It was a special gallery showing of artwork by Peter Max and he was to make an appearance.  His art is really brightly colored, which is why I dig it.  I learned about Peter Max in my Graphic Design History class too.  He made my mom very happy by signing her Peter Max book.  I was bummed he wouldn't let me take a photo though.  He only lets his photographer take photos.  His photographer was cool.  Aside from me, he was the only other person moving to the music being blasted during the event.  How can you NOT move your body to the guitar part of "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd??  Anyway, I also asked his photographer about his camera and this diffuser I've never seen before that he was using on the flash.  He explained it was a Fong diffuser and what it did.  I wouldn't mind having one of those!

After that we walked around Avondale, because they have little shops there kinda like St. Augustine, just not as awesome.  Peterbrooke Chocolatier is there though.  Oh my gosh, their sweets are so good.  My and I got icecream from there.  I had Banana Caramel Praline.

Came back home and it was bleaching and violet coloring time.  I was afraid of bleaching my hair.  I used a test strip first to get an idea of what result and damage the bleach might do.  Then I got some guts and bleached my strip of hair.  Talk about risk.  Took an hour to get to a lightness that would work.  I wouldn't recommend an hour to anyone, because you risk doing so much damage that your hair breaks off.  This was the bleached effect...

Then I finally got to do the easiest part - the violet dye! 

More photos are here, clickie.

I've been wanting to dye my hair black with a violet strip for a long time now.  I've always wanted to do crazy things with my hair but I never really had the balls to do it.  I also had this opposing opinion that kept saying natural is always better.  It's strange... I've always found myself attracted to people with natural looks, but I've always wanted to go crazy and unnatural with my own looks.  I suppose self expression trumps natural when it comes to myself. *shrugs* I don't really understand it.

Not looking forward to Tuesday.  I have to call Comcast and bitch to them about this lousy cable TV and my new bill.  Yeah, my cable is fucked up AGAIN.  I've lost count of all of the problems by now.  Get this.  The cable people came out the fix my suitemates cable last week, because she seemed to have inherited the problems I used to have baldy.  I mean, my cable has never been perfect, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't watch, like so many times before.  I've been happy because it's been working rather well!  The cable people left, I turned my TV on, and realized a load of my channels were all stuck on "One moment please".  Ugh, they've been like that ever since they did something with my suitmates cable!  The one channel I watched that still worked was FOX News Channel.  Figured since Shepard Smith was on vacation anyway.  So I didn't have any of my favorite things to watch on TV.  Everything else was on channels that weren't working.  There's apparently something very wrong with the cable signal me and my neighbor are getting.  Hers is still fucked up.  She doesn't even get FNC.  She did have an appointment for them to return and fix what they called a "city problem" that they couldn't fix that day, but it had to be canceled, because it was a bad time.  I'll tell you what.  If I go back tomorrow to campus and FNC is screwed up, now that my favorite anchor is back from vacation, I'll be SO PISSED.  And what's funnier is they expect me to pay $78 on my next bill.  Hilarious.  My $34 for 6 months deal is over.  I refuse to pay $78 for cable that has been fucked up time and time again.  They haven't even deserved $34.  It's not like they've ever rembursed me for the days my channels have been screwed up!  Not ever!  I'm sick of Comcast.  I rather have my cable cut off than pay $78 for this shit over and over again.
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