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Random photography

I meant to post these photos last night, but the whole movie thing came up and then I hit a low when I ended up staring at an e-mail for hours instead, not knowing what to do with it.  When my suitemate asked what was wrong, I joked to my her that I needed a stiff drink and a hit.   Gah, I'm so conflicted... which is how I feel about this photography also, conflicted!  I'm not sure if any are worthy of being in my deviantART gallery.  I really like them all though.

Ride Through St. Augustine
St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
Something I love about St. Augustine... the horse drawn carriages!  Aside from the smell.  This was down Granada street that is across from Flagler College.  That is the west side of the Lightner Museum. 

Passing Time
St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
This is in the Flagler College courtyard where annoying tourists hang out and look at us students like were zoo animals, LOL.  The female dorms are there.

Flagler Fountain I
St. Augustine, FL, non-HDR photography, 2008
I really wanted to title this The Penis Fountain, but alas, I restrained myself.  It's the fountain in the center of the Flagler College courtyard.  My buddies who used to attend Flagler with me and I used joke how cruel it was to have this fountain right outside our dorms when guys aren't allowed in our dorms, LOL.

Pavement Puzzle
Lincolnville, St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
This came from the second day of walking around Lincolnville looking for deterioration to take art photography of.  I think Lincoinville is awesome.  The college tells you to stay away from the area for safety reasons, but methinks this is coming from a white rich male adminstration completely out of touch with other people not like them... if you get my drift.  There was only one other white chick that I saw walking around.  Kinda weird that way, but the residents of that area are SO nice.  EVERYONE said hello to me.  Made me smile!

Flagler Turret
St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
One of the Flagler College towers.  Would be cool to go up there, but it's off limits.  Boooo.

Brick Window
St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
This is looking out of one the arches in front of Flagler College.  I like to lounge there when I'm talking on my cell or eating ice cream, on a hot afternoon, from the dining hall.  I can watch the world going by.

Flagler Fountain II
St. Augustine, FL, non-HDR photography, 2008
Yeah, that fountain again.  I'm not sure which photo I prefer.  More sky or more pavement?

As the Sun Sets
St. Augustine, FL, HDR photography, 2008
During our Photo Art Direction class doing some outdoor photography and our first time playing with light meters.  We didn't get much done that night.  Surprise surprise.  Who the hell wants to work 6 to 8 at night in class? LOL  We were "dorking around" as my professor would say.  I miss that class.  Best class ever.

School of Palms
St. Augustine, FL, non-HDR photography, 2008
One of the photos I actually took for that Photo Art Direction assignment outside.  See, I wasn't totally dorking around, LOL.  This is the palm garden that you see out my dorm window.  You can see the student center there.


Sun Lit Green
St. Augustine, FL, non-HDR photography, 2008
I thought this looked cool.

Flagler Photography
St. Augustine, FL, non-HDR photography, 2008
This is really random.  Definitely not art photography, but I thought I'd share this for fun.  This was during our Photo Art Direction class in the computer studio room.  There is also a studio for shooting and a conference room.
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