RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

Whoooo, I feel like dancing!

As you can tell, my spirits have picked up!  I'm not all better, but I'm feeling better than I did this morning when I felt sickly in my stomach again.  Now, that I'm feeling better, I'm freakin' hungry and energetic.

Probably helped that I didn't do much of anything today.  I went to class and found out it was cancelled, so I just finished scanning artwork in the graphic design studio.  At the moment I'm multitasking.  I'm munching on peanut M&Ms, drinking bottled Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino, and working on some stuff, LOL.  I'm working on some personal photography I took at Jacksonville Beach shortly after the new year began.  I've also been researching book design and materials, because apparently serious graphic designers now design their own portfolios, instead of buying a portfolio case at the store and slipping their work inbetween those clear plastic inserts.  I think this personally designed portfolio idea rocks.  I want to have the most awesome portfolio ever :D  Haha!

On a random note, I'm watching Anderson Cooper 360 and they are talking about Ted Haggard and showing clips from Larry King's interview of Haggard.  Haggard is the preacher (err former preacher) that was involved in a sex scandel for hooking up with male prostitues and such.  This dude seriously denies he is gay in any from, even though he admits he has homosexual attractions, still.  Holy fuck.  Talk about denial.  Dude needs to realize he isn't strictly straight!  I kinda feel bad for him. 
Apparently, Haggard did a special for HBO talking about his sexuality and such.  I wish I had HBO.  This is sad, but fascinating at the same time.  360 just played this clip...

Haggard:  If they don't Google me, I'll get the job... If you Googled me, you'd think I was Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin.
Pelosi:  Or worse, gay.
Haggard: That's worse in some circles.  In some circles, they'd rather have me be a murderer than be gay. So, yeah.

It just made me go, "Wow."  Can't say I've ever heard being gay compared to Hitler before.  That's insane.
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