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*cough, sneeze, scan*

I've been scanning art all day for my portfolio class.  I guess it's a good thing I don't have time to run around having fun anyway, because I'm still sick.  I'm onto the sneezing and nose running phase.  I used to have a box of tissues.  Now, it's more like a third left of a box of tissues.  I missed the gorgeous warm weather outside, but it wasn't too bad since I have...

WORKING CABLE TV, HUZZAH!!  I would go out at inconvenient times... like in the middle of LOST, GRRR!

The Comcast cable dudes came Friday to turn my suitemates cable on.  She had actually asked Comcast if they could go ahead and bring me a long cable to replace mine while they were here.  Yeah, I finally figured out that something was wrong the the cable wire.  I guess it was just getting too old.  They said no, that I had to order.  Well, I haven't had time to order.  Anyway, they were setting up the cable in my suitemate's dorm and I went over there to ask them if Comcast would charge me for the replacement wire.  They came right over to my dorm, tested the coaxial hookups, checked the wires out, checked the box out, cut me a new wire, and hooked it back up!  Woohoo!  It was pretty funny actually.  The wire has to be long because the wire has to go from the front of the dorm, over the closets, and to my corner.  Watching two guys struggle to get the new wire back over the closests was entertaining.  I eventually helped them.  The guy that was cutting the wire for me was pretty young and very amused by my Shepard Smith fandom.  You see, I have Shepard Smith graphics that I printed out and put on the wall around my TV and I had FNC on the TV when he came in. 

Cable dude:  You like Shepard Smith.
Me:  *sarcastically*  Yeah, just a little.
Suitemate:  More like obsessed!
Me:  Hey, I'm close to that level, but I don't go THAT far!
Suitemate:  Yeah, whatever!
Cable dude is laughing with this big grin.
A little bit later the cable dude is still highly amused, again with that grin...
Cable dude:  I go to all of these other girls' dorms and I see half naked buff men on all of the walls, here... I get Shepard Smith.

It was so funny.  He just couldn't get over it.  Everyone had a little laugh at me, including myself.  The cable is still a little glitchy, but not as nearly as bad as it has been for months.

I seem to be mentioning Shepard Smith in nearly every damn post.  This is my life lately though... school work and watching Shepard Smith, LOL.
Tags: assignments, craptastic comcast, friends, shepard smith

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