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Obama inauguration

I was going to write something up that was meaningful.  But meh.  What hasn't been said?  So I'll make it short.  I loved the inauguration coverage Shep Smith did.  Mainly because he didn't talk a whole lot.  He let the event tell it's own story.  How could you not be moved by this inauguration?  It was beautiful.  Everyone so hopeful, so positive.  Not overwhelmed by fear and pessimism.  I know what a difference thinking positively has done in my own life; I hope it works as well for our nation as a whole.

Rush Limbaugh is a real dickhead for wishing Obama to fail, isn't he?  To think I bothered listening to part of his shows some days when I was near a radio and needed something in the background.  Political Talk Radio just sucks ass these days.  I can't even listen to Neal Boortz. 

I'm wasting valuable sleep time.  Bad bad bad.  I'm going to bed, for real.
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