RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

My portfolio is eeeevil... evil, I say

I just spent hours going through work of mine.  Trying to find all of the files from my digital work that the professor and class told me to keep for my portfolio.  All weekend I will have to scan and photograph all of the paintings (non-digital) and such.  Not going to be fun!

Funny thing about class the other day... someone always comments about my Shepard Smith paintings and graphics and asks if I've sent any of it to him, LOL.  This time I could actually say yes.  Oh, and one of my intaglio prints got compared to Shepard Fairey's work.  Freakin' wicked!  That was a print I did way before I knew Fairey even existed.  

Holy hell, I have a lot of work. 
Tags: artwork, assignments, graphic design

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