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Shepard Smith and Puppy Tucker digital painting

I finally finished a painting I've had in the works for over a year.  I used a still taken from Shepard Smith's show Studio B for reference.  It was from when he brought this little puppy on that belonged to a production assistant there at FOX News Channel.  It was really cute, so I felt like painting it.  I e-mailed it to him... wrote Happy 45th Birthday on it.  I'm sure he was thrilled, hahaha ;)

Shepard Smith and Puppy Tucker

Close up look at part of it...

Made using Corel Painter X, my Wacom tablet, and a reference image from  I used the oil pastels and water blenders in Painter and you can see I did it in more of a painterly style instead of the smooth super realistic style I often do. 

Here are clips of puppy Tucker on Studio B with Shepard Smith...

So yeah.  At least I finished this art piece.  As you can see here, there are lots of unfinished pieces and folders filled with unfinished pieces on my hard drive...

Tags: artwork, shepard smith

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