RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

I really want this poster!!

It's the poster Shepard Fairey (awesome graphic designer and artist) created for Obama's inauguration.  It's such a gorgeous and piece of art for such a historical event in U.S. history.  I wish I could buy a copy, but I haz no monies.

I also wish I could be there in D.C. for the event.  I'm not an Obama lover.  Nor am I sure that Obama is going to bring needed change.  BUT I am hopeful he will.  I almost feel sorry for people who are so right wing that they can't value how historical it is that the 44th President is black (more accurately, biracial).  It pisses me of that American citizens wish him to fail.  How can you wish that, because you swing a different way politically?!  This is bigger than him.  We're talking about the success of our USA!

Tags: artwork, graphic design, politics

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