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Back to campus soon

My chihuahua is making feel terrible.  I'm packing clothing into my suitcase and he's looking up at me whimpering.  He knows I'll be leaving soon and probably won't see me for another month.  Even if I had my own place, I don't know if he'd be staying with me yet.  It would all depend on the rental's rules and how long I'd even be home to take care of him like a decent pet owner.  He's best with my mother for now. 

I did have plans to move out of the dorms.  I think the house my friend and I were looking at is still for sale.  I'm sure somebody's renting it by now though.  It was for rent and for sale.  It was perfect, from what I could tell.  But my friend decided to stay in her current situation.  I have no else that I know of that would go on such a venture with me.  Problem is I trust very few people and don't have many friends whose situation parallels mine.  They are either already in their own place doing their own thing or still college newbies who have to live in the dorms until their sophomore year.

I'm kind of sad that I'm still stuck in the dorms living by their ridiculous rules.  Unlike some of those college idiots, I don't need to be babysat, thankyouverymuch Flagler.  And what I do is only my business unless it causes problems for anyone else on campus.  My main reason for leaving would be the food.  I'm sick of feeling sick after eating their food.  But I'm not terribly sad like one would expect.  I was actually sad at the idea of moving out of the dorms too when I thought it might actually happen.  Most of my buddies are on campus, thanks to making many friends in 2008!  I'd REALLY miss my current roomie and our favorite suitemate.  We like to brag that we are the coolest suite on campus.  Because we are :D  I'd hate to miss out on the fun this new semester (and last for me) has in store for us.


I'd be posting more entries but this internet connection has become so bad that I can't even access my own journal sometimes!  I went through nearly an entire day without being able to get on LiveJournal.  I haven't been able to do all that much online, period.


This song and video is hot.  So it's my random choice for you at the moment. 
"Circus" by Britney Spears

I'm hoping this video is of good quality.  I can't load the whole video in a timely manner to check.


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