RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

Shooting for the Gold

You know where I'll be on February 21st.  The Addy's Awards at the Jacksonville Landing!!

I'm getting excited thinking about the Addy's Awards in Jacksonville.  I'm sorting through all of my graphic design files to pick out a few pieces I'm entering into the Addy's competition.  Gotta perfect some pieces and send them off next week.  I'll be entering in the student competition part of it, of course.  Even if I win nothing, it's going to be an awesome experience, because my classmates and loads of professionals in the advertising industry are going to be there.  I need to get my business cards printed!!

I hope Flagler College kicks ass in the competition.

From Wikipedia:
The ADDY Awards is the world's largest advertising competition with over 50,000 entries annually. The ADDYs recognize creative excellence in all forms of advertising from media of all types and creative by agencies of all sizes. Founded in Florida in 1960 it was adopted by the American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association, as a national competition in 1968. AAF conducts the ADDY Awards through a volunteer network of over 200 member local advertising federations and 15 districts. It is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.

The ADDY Awards is unique among other advertising creative competitions in that it is the only competition that includes three levels of judging: local, regional, and national. Winning an ADDY at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level.

Awards presented are Gold and Silver ADDY Awards for professional and student entries. The ADDY award logo and trophy is a stylized "Star A".

Tags: advertising, flagler college, fun

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