RSMRonda (rsmronda) wrote,

Joe the Plumber really Joe the Comedian

I think he deserves a new title, because he thinks he's a journalist now.  That's the best joke I've heard this week so far.  Check out the news article here.  You know "Joe the Plumber".  That attention-lovin' twit that the McCain campaign hastily chose as their mascot out of desperation for their failing campaign.  The same one that outrageously said a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel.  He's going to Israel to cover the war!  He'll be covering it for some conservative website that must also be run by morons.  Just what we need.  Another uber biased person reporting slanted coverage for Israel.  I think we already have enough of that, since journalists haven't been allowed to get into Gaza to report on the real happenings, not what Israel is telling the world is happening.

I wonder what happened to him saying other people should do their own research and not listen to him?  Hypocrite.  He smelled rotten as soon as he showed up on the scene.  I didn't understand why anyone I knew liked him.  Come on, trusting this guy is foolish.  He doesn't have a damn clue what he's doing.  Who knows if he even cares?  He's enjoying the fame and playing the game.  Was from the start.

I loved how Shepard Smith reported the news today about Joe on his show Studio B.  It was part of the And Then There's This segment which is meant for weird and funny news.  Perfect spot for news like this.

Speaking of the war, I'm pretty disgusted.  I don't think we should be backing anyone (in this case, Israel) if freedom of the press is not exercised from the beginning.

Tags: news, politics, shepard smith

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