May 3rd, 2009

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The End of College, Part 1 of 3

Wow, so I need to update this thingy!  I graduated from Flagler College on the 25th!!  I already miss Flagler and St. Augustine!

I guess I should go through all of the life changing events that led up to graduation and graduation itself.

FIRST major deal was the AIGA Jacksonville Portfolio Review on the 18th.  We had to have our portfolios ready to go.  Our business cards, resumes, leave behind items all ready to go.  Dressed for professionalism.  I didn't sleep the night before.  I was working frantically up to the very last minute, no joke.  What's new, right? LOL  I bit of more than I could chew this time though when it came to making my book.  Our class drove down to be there at 9:30am.  Nerves were shaking as we all sat in the waiting room watching the other students arrive and the reviewers arrive... like in this photo..... LOL, you can see me on the left behind that bald dude.  My friend from community college was looking at my book... that bright green book there next to me...

(Photo belongs to AIGA Jacksonville)

There were about 50 reviewers there.  I only got to present my portfolio to six reviewers, but that was enough for me.  Some people went for a 7th, but I had mentally checked out by then.  I expected to see A LOT more people but each one spent quite a while with me.  It was really cool.  It was all at random.  We got a number, went to the reviewer, came back, and waited for our next.  The reviewers were interesting and helpful.  They were all professionals in the business of course, professors, art directors, etc.  So cool!  My first one tore me up.  Woof, that was kinda scary.  But probably the most helpful.  Sad thing is, my book fell apart at one part where a page started to peel (I hand made my book), so that was embarrassing, but I managed. 

I got a lot of compliments on my work.  And on my attire, LOL.  You see, I dressed to match my portfolio.  My brand colors are violet and lime green (my fav colors!)  My portfolio is BRIGHT lime green.  I wore I black suit with a bright lime green dress shirt.  And of course, I had my black and violet hair.  People LOVED it.  They kept stopping me to compliment my physical presentation.  One guy working this event even came to me to say that people were really digging the fact that I matched my portfolio.  I honestly did not expect that.  I just hoped it would help make me a little more memorable.  Sure made me smile and feel accomplished, LOL!

Our competition was the University of Florida and a few other colleges.  I honestly don't remember which ones, but when it came to the top ten portfolios, we handed their asses to them.  When it was narrowed down to the top three, Flagler took the top two spots.  That's the best Flagler had ever done at the review.  We made our college proud. 

One other cool thing.  An old friend was there.  I met him again very recently at one of the events before the portfolio review about tips for your portfolio.  He came up to me and asked what my name was.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that it was my friend from community college.  Dude, we hadn't been in contact with each other in 5 years!  He came to that, the speaker event the night before, and to the portfolio review too.  It was great catching up with him.  He graduated a couple years ago and was at the review to see others' work and give feedback, which he did for me as well.

It was a long day.  By 6pm it was over and we were all exhausted.  See look at me in this photo.... I have that "Can we go now? I want out of this joint!" look on my face...

(Photo belongs to AIGA Jacksonville)

We ended up going to a party that one of our fellow students and his parents threw for us, while we were still in Jacksonville.  What a great way to end such a day.  After that I think we all went home and passed out, LOL.  Definitely, a day I'll never forget.
shep rocks


I'm so far behind on movies.  Had no time or money for them.  I just finished watching The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008).  Oh, yes, freakin' awesome!  I love the 1951 film, so hearing of this movie a while back had me all giddy. 

Next on the list to be seen...

Knowing -  Freakin' love end of the world type movies.  Like the movie I just watched.

Angels & Demons - I finally saw The Da Vinci Code not that long ago and enjoyed that.  Art history, religion, conspiracy... all in one movie, yeah, right up my alley.  This sequel about the Illuminati sounds even better.  Fascinating subject, IMO.  Can't wait!  Not to mention, Ewan McGregor is in this one!!  Playing a Camerlengo, no less, ha!  Plus this stuff gets some religious people's knickers in a twist, fun fun all around.

I Love You Phillip Morris - This movie looks like it's so good.  Funny, romantic, and different.  I've been waiting, for what seems like, ages for it to get a U.S. distribution deal.  Want to know why it hasn't got one?  Because Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey play a gay couple.  Yay, sometimes you just have to look at America and be sad.  European countries and others have no problem with it.  You can't really blame the distributers.  They want to make the largest profit possible and they damn well know that a movie about gay love with gay sex isn't going to sell well in the U.S.  I want to see it so badly.  Besides, Ewan making out with and having gay sex with other men... totally hot.  Velvet Goldmine, anyone?  Awesome movie.  He played a bisexual rock star in that movie.  That movie is so weird... I love it.  Anyway, I hope to see this new movie sometime this decade.  What's cooler is it's based on a true story.  Here's an article about the movie... "McGregor gay film too risque for cinema".

2012 - A movie named that right now HAS to be an awesome end of the world movie.  I've seen the preview and it is fre-a-ky.  Suh-weeet.

Wow, I need to get to bed.

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