March 15th, 2009

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Journal negligence... and I'm a Progressive??

Yeah, I suck for my non-journaling.  It was a busy week.  Friday was CRAZY.  I had class for 8 hours and we were being filmed the whole time.  Seriously!  I'll journal about that later when I feel up to it.

Soooooo,  I just took this political quiz, clickie.  I scored 222/400 for Progressive.  Actually, I took it twice, because I had suspicions I read a couple questions wrong.  I'm tired, you know a 3 in the morning.  I think I scored 232 the first time.  I'm shocked.  I mean, progressive to some extent, sure, but my scores are pretty intense!  I guess that's what I get for being Pro-choice, not anti-gay, and not gung-ho over war.  So much for my anti-government stance.  *scratches head*  I'm against intervention from the goverment.  Isn't that the opposite of a progressive?  Whatever.  I used to be really conservative when I was younger.  Over the years I've been very Libertarian.  I haven't joined the party, but Libertarianism sums up just about everything I believe in politics.

Then I took this quiz, clickie.  It's just silly.  I got Freedom Crusader.

I wonder what my peeps would get on these!