February 10th, 2009

shep rocks

Most of my fantasy artworks have hot chicks, but...

I decided to go in the cute direction.  I found this adorable little girl in stock photography on deviantART and had to use her in something.  I actually thought I had finished this painting 2 years ago, but wasn't quite happy with it, so I never uploaded it.  Well, with a few tweaks and adds, it's finally finished, fo' sho' :D
Little Friends

Made with...
Corel Painter X
Adobe Photoshop CS3
My Wacom Intuos2 tablet
A reference photo for the adorable girl
And I incorporated a bark texture on the tree
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flagler college

And crunch time begins

In Graphic Design Portfolio we wrote up our contracts for the class.  Whoa, what?  Contracts?  Really, it's just a schedule of projects we're working on and when we're finishing them.  As individuals... since everyone's will be different depending on what they want in their portfolio.  She's going to grade based on how well we follow our own contracts.  I chose 15 projects to rework and decided to start one new one.

1. Self promo package:  Redesign logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, leave-behind piece, resume
2. AIGA portfolio review poster:  Rework poster
3. Dogs Deserve Better Ad campaign:  Rework logo, 3 single page ads, 1 double truck ad, postcard, web ad, and webpage
4. Bear Naked Ad campaign:  Rework 3 single page ads, 1 double truck ad
5. Infurmation poster:  Rework poster
6. Simply Orange package and POP:  Rework logo, package design, point of purchase, and webpage
7. Torrid Ad campaign:  Rework 4 ads, billboard, web ad, TV ad, cd package (or webpage)
8. Women Build Identity and campaign:  Done – logo, poster, postcard, and T-shirt
9. Goldfish crackers Ad campaign:  Rework YouTube page and video, print ad, game application, web ad, and outdoor display
10. Hotel Baltimore poster:  Rework poster
11. Rama identity and posters:  Revisit logo, rework stationary package and 2 posters
12. New Ad campaign (relevant to current economy and politics):  2 single page ads and 1 double truck
13. Annual Report:  Rework
14. Type Book:  Rework
15. Fly Drive Ride:  Rework poster and T-shirt

And I figure I could have this all done and my portfolio ready to print by April 2nd.  Woof.  Our portfolio show is April 18th.

In other news... I have a Print Production exam tomorrow.  It should be really easy and I frankly don't care much for studying for it, LOL.