February 8th, 2009

flagler college

I feel like slapping someone

I'm all ready for bed, snug under my sheets, and listening to Coast to Coast AM.... and that terribly loud sound starts up again.  For the third time, I've had to run to security to get them to turn off the sound system in the Flagler Room.  This time it started at 2am.  Gah, I had to get dressed.  My roomie was just getting back from a night out and saw me going out the dorm door pissed off, LOL.  Two other people in our hall were woken up too.  She told them I was off to do something about the sound. 

This security guy just yanked the plug on it.  I haven't talked to this guy before, but he knew exactly what I was talking about.  Seems the sound system situation is getting around the security office, LOL.

It's weird that is starts at completely random times... only at night though. *makes ghosts sounds*

*eye roll*  This is getting ridiculous.
green swirl

Finished "Kyco Sunset" fantasy art

I finally finished this one after working on and off with it since May of last year.

Made with...
Corel Painter X
My Wacom Intuos2 tablet
And several photos references, mostly one for the pose of the figure

Here's the original line art that I drew in my sketchbook, scanned, and then prepared in Photoshop...