February 7th, 2009

shep rocks

Every Shep fan will love this

This clip is fucking awesome.  Shepard Smith in 1993 getting praised for being a brilliant reporter back in the day too. 
He was 29 years old!  Look at all of that fluffy hair, hahaha.
Geez, I was about 9 years old back then living in Kissimmee, FL, shortly after I moved to the States.

Oh, so on a related note, my digital cable has been cooperating for the most part, but guess when it decided to go out Friday.  During Studio B, of course, so I sat there grumbling, turning the thing on and off, and smacking the shit out of the box.  It eventually came back.
green, shep, yellow

Rockin' out to old Robbie Williams songs

I'll never get tired of his music.  I've been listening to Robbie for a decade now.  I love nearly every song the man has ever made.  I honestly never thought I'd be into a musical artist that much.  But ten years later, he's still my favorite.

Robbie Williams first solo single from 1997, "Old Before I Die"
Not only does the music rock, but his lyrics are funny... which is often the case with his songs.  With a lot of his songs though, you have to understand his sense of humor or it can go right over your head.

In this video I love how he winks when he says, "Am I straight or am I gay?" Hahaha!

Love this lyric too, "I hope I'll live to see the day the Pope gets high"  Naughty Catholic!  I love Robbie.

I read a lot of articles as the new year was approaching and many were saying 2009 will be the year of Robbie.  I hope so.  The man needs to make a comeback soon, before I go nuts!  It's been way too long.