February 4th, 2009

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Please watch this video about Gardasil

Please rethink using this vaccine. 

Last year Merck was found liable for deceptive marketing with their drug Vioxx.  They paid up $58 million dollars.  They knew long before the public did that Vioxx was increasing risk of heart attacks and strokes and didn't do anything about it.  It's said that 27785 people may have died, because of that.  Merck needed a new drug on the market soon to make them big bucks for their investors.  Here is where Gardasil comes in.  Barely tested it is pushed into the market and marketed as, basically, a cure to certain cervical cancers.  Every drug company wants to find the cure for cancer drug, because they'll be rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Not because they care about you and your health.  They even had the nerve to try to push this as a mandatory vaccine for young girls, like the other vaccines you are forced to have to go to school.  Talk about big bucks guaranteed there.

Now we have mysterious injuries, illnesses, deaths, and possibly even lies from the drug company Merck about those. 

I thought about taking this vaccine.  But I don't think it's worth it.  Do TONS of research before you say yes to this vaccine.... or any other one, for that matter.  It's not a wonder drug.  In fact, you'll read that it's not as nearly as effective as the advertisements and your friends make it sound.  There are websites with a plethora of information whose existance is to track Gardasil.  Look for the facts, not the agendas from either side about this drug.

Is it worth the risk to you?


Re-Cap 2008

This is a survey I was tagged to do on Facebook, but I liked it so much that I'm posting it here....

The rules are that you must tag at least 20 of your friends, including the person that tagged you. Once they read it, they must copy and paste the questions and fill out the survey and post it in a note. I tagged you because I want to know about your year! Have fun!

In 2008 I...

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