February 2nd, 2009

shep rocks


I got over the major sickness I had but some of it is still sticking around.  This is getting really annoying.  Like my ears won't clear up and nose and throat still feel quite disgusting.  I just want to be cleared out, man.  My left ear actually kinda hurts a little.  Not good :(  No infections, please.   Can't freakin' afford it!!!

And I had some weird, somewhat upsetting dreams.  First one, I fell in love and the person loved me back.  She even set up a gallery for my artwork... kinda weird  Sure, it was great in the dream, then you have to wake up and face reality though.  I think I hit snooze every 8 minutes for an hour.  Second one was just plan strange.  I got a new dog.  But it was a pain in the ass and I was stressed out the whole time.

Not to mention that being awake is a complete drag, because I can't get someone off my mind.  And it hurts.  This person doesn't deserve the time my mind is giving her.  Ugh, fucking stupid mind.
purple streak

Pre-Spring Cleaning

I went through all of the entries and set some to private.  So you won't be able to see them if you're not logged into LiveJournal and have friended me here.  But I'll keep new entries public for a while after publishing... then I'll go back and set them to private if necessary, depending on what I talked about.  For now anyway.  I also removed my full name from this journal. 
There's no way in hell I'm going to delete all of these memories.  This is my journal!

It's rainy and nasty outside.  Has been all day.  Yuk.

My graphic design personality

I'm working on it for my portfolio.  I just don't know for sure where to go with it.  Making things for myself this way is so much harder than anything else. 

When we were going through all of our projects and artwork to date we had to tell the professor one word that describes our graphic design personality and who we are as a person.  I chose "eclectic".  She totally agreed with that for me.  We're suppose to use that word and come up with this visual representation of the word in our personal logo, portfolio, everything.  I already have a logo and stationary package for myself.  I did that way back when in Computer Graphics I and it's still cool.  Very basically, it's a violet colored lizard.  I have to make it eclectic somehow, LOL.  I really want to keep my violet lizard.


On a totally random note... I'm getting into The Beatles.  Yeah, just now.  I'm sloooowww apparently.  I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.  I mean, it is The Beatles, after all.  And I'm so going to copy every Beatles CD my mom has in her collection when I get to go home... whenever that'll be.

"Can't Buy Me Love" by The Beatles