January 26th, 2009

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Still sick

I thought I'd be well by now.  I've had this thing since Thursday.  Now, it's getting difficult to get to sleep and I can't hear very well.  So I'm tired... with lots of work left to do.  I hope I can give my presentation well enough tomorrow.  I may give in and take some sort of medication soon.

In other news, I got my official Addy Awards invitation today.  Only 26 more days to go!  The Theme is The Good The Bad And The Addy this year.  A western them to fit the theme of the place the Addy's is being held.  I'm pondering whether I should but some boots and a hat, LOL.  It depends on what my class decides to do.  I know we'd all like to dress comically, so everyone looks at us like were nuts, "Oh, those crazy Flagler kids!" LOL

I also joined the Jacksonville chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) - the professional association for design.  $75!  Money money money.  I can't afford it, but it's required for the portfolio review and such at the end of this semester.  Hopefully, I can make good use of the membership.  I've been putting off becoming a member for over a year because I couldn't convince myself the price was worth it, even though my professors would say we weren't serious graphic designers if we weren't members.  I begged to differ with them.
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Guess who is having problems with her cable TV again!

And guess which channel seems to be most affected!  Here I am TRYING to the FOX report with Shepard Smith and I REALLY want to throw this cable box out the window.  The damn signal keeps freezing and the audio keeps repeating, like it just just got so bad bad that I fucking fucking fucking smacked the box box a few times out of rage rage.

It's watchable for the moment.  It comes and goes.  Buy hey, House is on tonight!  Hopefully, that FOX broadcast doesn't freak out on me.

I loathe Comcast.