January 14th, 2009

flagler college

Fabulous first day of my last semester

No joke... I slept for about 12 hours, waking up at 2pm day.  Usually too much sleep makes me feel as awful as not sleeping.  I feel fucking amazing for a change.  Totally made up for the past few sleepless days.

I LOVE my friends!  One of my friends gave me an Epson Stylus all-in-one printer that she wanted rid of.  She bought a new one thinking the old one broke.  Great story, it wasn't plugged in, LMAO.  She decided to keep the new one and give her old one away.  I haven't owned a printer in years and the old one I used to have was a terrible cheap piece of junk.  I just couldn't afford to buy a new one.  It has been one of those things I've had on a long list of things I need one day when I have money.  This one is freakin' awesome.  I can scan my drawings into my Mac now!  I can print whenever I need to.  I am ecstatically happy right now!  I <3 Epson. *jigs*  What luck?!  I just need to swipe a few sheets of paper from the graphic design studio to check the printing quality out, LOL. 

If only a 1 gig of RAM for my PowerBook would fall out of the sky now too, LOL.  I need another gig of RAM so I can start experimenting with motion graphics.  I'm hoping to get that for my birthday in March.  It's about $60.  Everything is so expensive :(  I sure could use the RAM right now.

Speaking of friends, gah, it's so awesome to hang out with everyone again.  I missed everybody so much.

I had my first class today.  It's a long one, 6-8:45pm, called Print Production.  I was thinking of dropping it if it sounded pointless for me, but it sounds like it could be a great class with more info than about the print process.  The professor seems cool-o too.  He has a similar story to mine.  We talked about being fine artists that switched to graphic design.  We're both interested in getting into motion graphics too. 

Hey, random thought.  It's my favorite newsman's birthday today.  Happy 45th Birthday, Shepard Smith! 

Today, I started working again on a digital painting of Shep that I've needed to finish for a long time now.  I'm kind of stuck.  I'm not totally happy with it, but don't know what to do with it.  I suppose that's way it's just been sitting in my hard drive for ages.  I swear being a fine artist is harder than graphic designer for me sometimes.

No day is perfect though, LOL.  It's fucking cold.  We have a freeze warning.  Have I said... I hate the cold... enough?  And "KHAN!" died :(  I mean Ricardo Montalban, if you're not Star Trek geeky enough to get my reference.  I once had a little crush on him.  If you like old movies, check out On An Island With You (1948).  It's one of my favs of his.
green, shep, yellow

I really want this poster!!

It's the poster Shepard Fairey (awesome graphic designer and artist) created for Obama's inauguration.  It's such a gorgeous and piece of art for such a historical event in U.S. history.  I wish I could buy a copy, but I haz no monies.

I also wish I could be there in D.C. for the event.  I'm not an Obama lover.  Nor am I sure that Obama is going to bring needed change.  BUT I am hopeful he will.  I almost feel sorry for people who are so right wing that they can't value how historical it is that the 44th President is black (more accurately, biracial).  It pisses me of that American citizens wish him to fail.  How can you wish that, because you swing a different way politically?!  This is bigger than him.  We're talking about the success of our USA!