January 3rd, 2009

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Attention Firefox 3 users:

Clearly, you already know that Firefox is the best browser out there.  Safari comes in a close second, but it doesn't have the all of the free fun and useful add ons made by Firefox users.


Have you ever noticed how washed out photographs and such look on the Firefox browser?  I sure did every time I uploaded my rich vibrant color photos to an online gallery.  Drove me nuts actually, because color quality is a big deal to me, especially when it's such a noticeable difference in quality. 

There is a quick easy way to fix this color issue.  Firefox 3 has advanced color profile support, but by default it is not enabled.  Here's how to get better colors (on Firefox 3 only):

1.  Type "about:config" in Firefox 3's address bar.
2.  Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button.
3.  In the Filter field, type "gfx.color_management.enabled"
4.  Double click the False value to True.
5.  Restart Firefox.

If you want to change it back for some reason, just go through the same steps and change True to False.

Keep in mind there are said to be two downsides to enabling the advanced color profile support, including a performance reduction of 10-15% and some things might not look quite right because plugins don't support color profiles.  I haven't had problems with either so far *shrugs*

Source: http://lifehacker.com/396742/tweak-firefox-to-display-richer-colors
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Best music album of 2008

Without a doubt it was Songs For You, Truths For Me by James Morrison.  It's incredible.

You can listen to the whole CD with the playlist I embedded for you. 
You have to listen to these three tracks especially.  They are my top favs from this CD.
3 - You Make It Real
5 - Broken Strings
6 - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You


Was I right or was I right? LOL I love this CD.  I can listen to the whole thing and enjoy it thoroughly.  The songs are so beautiful and honest.  Some really tug at your heart if you have any idea what it's like to feel the ways James clearly did to write these songs.

EDIT:  I just read my favorite 3 songs of his were all released as singles.  I think just overseas though.  Come on, America!