December 31st, 2008

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Well, I was going to post about Christmas

I have the journal all written up in TextEdit with pictures and everything all nifty-like, but I can't upload the pictures.  Why, you ask?  Because the internet connection at my mom's house is royally fucked up.  My mom was retarded enough to change everything to Comcast.  We now have Comcast digital cable TV (doesn't even include the cool digital channels), Comcast "high speed" internet, and Comcast Voice (or whatever they call the phone service).  It's the Triple Play which is supposed to save you money. 

Well, the internet connection speed is nearly as bad as dial up, so I can do much of nothing.  The current internet environment is geared towards high speed internet, so of course, not much is going to work and it'll take 12 years for pages to load.  Photobucket won't let me upload photos.  It tries to upload and then it just errors.

We're probably not going to have Comcast "high speed" internet much longer.  Our DSL was MUCH faster. 

One of our friends also got the Comcast internet and now he's having major problems.  His Vontage won't even work if someone else in the house is online.  WTF?

Gah, why won't Comcast implode already?!  I don't even care if it means no cable TV in Jacksonville, I would LOVE to see Comcast to go bankrupt and disappear for forever.

shep rocks

A new year around the corner

I've been hearing some rather pessimistic comments about the coming year of 2009.  I have to say that I feel differently.  2008 was a pain in many ways across out planet, but I had an awesome year.  I set out to make 2008 my year for changing things for the better for myself... and it worked.  I haven't had such a good year in many years.  Before this year I let things go to crap and I let it take me over.  I wished for death nearly everyday for 3 years.  It still comes every now and then, but I can fight it off now and I believe in myself more than I ever have.  Not to mention, I've had way more fun than I've had in years! 

If I can do it, anyone can.  Be thankful for what you have.  Stop obsessing over what you don't have.  And if you really want something, fucking do something about it.  Stop making excuses, no matter what they are.  It won't happen perfectly.  It may be hell to get to, but life can be good if you try and believe in yourself.  There's no such thing as good luck or divine intervention.  You have to do it yourself.

People have the power to impact others in deep, beautiful, and amazing ways.  Please make an effort to help others, because we all need someone at some point to encourage us and remind us what we are really capable of. 

Remember that WE are the ones with the power to change the world for the better.  Believe in the other good people in the world.  Make a difference.  Don't sit by a watch things fall apart.  Stand up and have your voice heard.  And practice what you preach.  Don't let politicians and greedy business people ruin what we hold most dear.

So let's make 2009 an awesome year. 

Cheers to the good people of our planet!